Item #7393 [Proofs: Laura's Birth Announcement] LAURA EVANS HAMADY - PRINTER'S DEVIL. Perishable Press, Walter | Hamady, Jack Beal.

[Proofs: Laura's Birth Announcement] LAURA EVANS HAMADY - PRINTER'S DEVIL

[Mt. Horeb, WI]: Perishable Press, 1975. Broadside. Item #7393

10.5" x 7.25". Broadside. 10 proofs. A wonderful group of proofsheets printed in Sabon Antiqua on Plover Fineweave paper with an illustration of the Hamady farm at the head. Some have editorial marks in red, one has the "Printer's Devil" header affixed. Variation among the proofs include header and body text color and placement. All in a manilla envelope with "Proofs: Laura's Birth Announcement" in ink in Hamady's hand. A fascinating look into the design process of Hamady and this accentuated by the nature of the deeply personal subject matter. If ever a printer wanted to "get it right," it would be here. This is remarkable set of proofsheets for their insights in the personal and artistic life of an important American printer. Not in Two Decades of Hamady & the Perishable Press.

Price: $1,500.00